MSA 464032 Comfo® Respirator Cartridge – Acid Gas

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MSA 464032 Comfo® Respirator Cartridge – Acid Gas

  • Acid Gases: CL (Chlorine); SD (Sulfur Dioxide); CD (Chlorine Dioxide); HC (Hydrogen Chloride); HS (Hydrogen Sulfide).
  • Comfo® respirator cartridges are NIOSH certified (to 42 CFR, Part 84)
  • R95 / N95 Filters*
  • Easy-to-install respirator cartridges protect against myriad contaminants
  • Cartridges thread directly to receptacles on twin-cartridge respirators
  • Do not use in atmospheres containing less than 19.5 % oxygen, or in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life and health.
  • Do not wear for protection against organic vapours with poor warning properties or those which generate high heats of reaction with the sorbent material in the cartridge.
  • * Both a prefilter and cover must be used with the cartridge in order to obtain R95 or N95 particulate protection


  • N95 / R95 Filter type & efficiency
  • Sold Individually
  • 1/package

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