Lavo Pro™ 6 Liquid Bleach – 3.6L

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Lavo Pro™ 6 Liquid Bleach – 3.6L

Lavo 6 removes stains, disinfects, and purifies. Useful for general sanitation, toilet bowls, dishes & sickroom articles, and laundry.

Do not use on silk, wool, mohair, unfast colours, leather, lycra, aluminum, or silverware.

  • Use for whitening and for disinfecting potable water, septic tanks, pools
  • Bleach can disinfect which means it is effective at killing most bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is also used to whiten fabric and other items.


  • 3.6 Litres/bottle
  • 6 bottles/case
  • Sold by the case

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