Cascade® 2-in-1 ActionPacs™ – Lemon Scent

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Cascade® ActionPacs™ dishwasher detergent w/Dawn Dishwasher Detergent & Gel powers away greasy residue for sparkling dishes in one easy-to-use pac.

ActionPacs™ combine the scrubbing power of Cascade® and the grease-fighting power of Dawn® to leave your dishes virtually spotless.

ActionPacs™ dissolve in your dishwasher to leave virtually no mess – only clean dishes.

  • Formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn®
  • Tougher than 24-hour stuck-on messes
  • Powers away residues
  • Dissolves quickly to unleash cleaning power early in the cycle
  • Cascade® ActionPacs™ are convenient and easy to use because they require no premeasuring.


  • 90/pack (1.38 kg)
  • 3 packs/case

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