Black (Opaque) Stretch Wrap

Holliston’s only distributes the highest quality of hand and machine films from AEP® Industries (Berry Plastics) – the leading stretch film manufacturer in North America with 5 plants in the USA.

From their X-Series of Pre-Stretch films, to their Performance Plus®, to the Next Generation and the HWX Conventional films, Holliston’s has the right film solution for your application.

CAST Films: Industry standard; Quiet; Smooth and quick release; High clarity. Uniform loads.

BLOWN Films: Strong and resilient; Puncture and tear resistant; Superior, two-sided cling; Perfect for uniform or irregular loads.

Hand Stretch Wrap - Black

SKUDescriptionRoll SizeGaugeRolls/CaseAdd to Cart
black stretch wrap
AEP HWX™ Series Conventional15" x 1,500'804

Machine Length Stretch Wrap - Black

SKUDescriptionRoll SizeGaugeRolls/SkidAdd to Cart
AEP® Performance Plus® 20" x 5,000'8040

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