Corrugated Sheets/Pads

  • Corrugated Sheets/Pads are excellent for protecting your cartons from nails and sharp edges on skids (pallets). Just place down a sheet on the skid prior to stacking your cartons.
  • Also excellent as a mid-way sheet when stacking multiple cartons on a skid. Can be used as protection of your cartons by placing corrugated sheets against cartons prior to applying stretch wrap on the skid.
  • Available in single wall and double wall form for extra protection.
  • Available in any custom size (minimum order applies).
  • Contact our Customer Service for more information.

Single Wall Corrugated Sheets/Pads

SKUSizeFluteStrengthAdd to Cart
40" x 48"C Flute32 ECT
48" x 48"C Flute32 ECT

Double Wall Corrugated Sheets/Pads

SKUSizeFluteStrengthAdd to Cart
40" x 48"BC Flute42 ECT
48" x 48"BC Flute42 ECT

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