Bleached Kraft Rolls

Bleached kraft is just natural kraft paper that has been chemically treated to be white. Bleached kraft can be used when the brown colour of natural kraft is undesirable.


  • Disposable table covers
  • Wrapping packages
  • Void fill
  • Mural painting

All of our bleached kraft rolls have a 7.25″ outer diameter and a 3″ inner diameter with end plugs.

Stocked widths available: 24″, 30″ and 36″.

Weights available: 50 lb.

Dispensers/Cutters available.

Bleached Kraft Rolls - 50 lb. Basis Weight

SKUWidthBasis WeightLength/Roll (approx.)Add to cart
24"50 lb.550'
30"50 lb.550'
36"50 lb.550'

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