WorkSafe® Light Drainage Mats

An invaluable matting solution for cutting fluid environments where sure footing, quick drainage, and fatigue reduction are essential.

  • Resistant to mineral oil based cutting fluids
  • The new CFR (Cutting Fluid Resistant) formulation is perfect for wet industrial areas
  • Its lightweight design eases the strain of clean-up, yet keeps employees quite comfortable
  • WorkSafe® Light is 1/2″ thick with molded beveled edges for easy access
  • A well-engineered drainage system that keeps debris from becoming trapped

Wearwell® WorkSafe® Light Drainage Mat 478

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3′ x 5′Grey1/2″
3′ x 10′Grey1/2″
3′ x 20′Grey1/2″

Wearwell® WorkSafe® Connector for 478 Drainage Mat

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Connector for 478 MatGrey

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