Syfan Sytec® 701 100 Gauge Shrink Film

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Syfan Sytec® 701 100 Gauge Centerfold Shrink Film

This is a user-friendly strong, bi-oriented polyolefin shrink film. It is a shrink film for a wide range of packaging applications. The innovative crosslink process provides strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage. Optical properties are superior. This film exhibits outstanding abuse resistance and is easy to use.


  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • Softness & flexibility
  • Very high burnout resistance
  • Extremely strong seals
  • Wide range of shrink temperature
  • High conformity of shrinkage to products – no ‘dog ears’
  • No deposits on sealing wires.


  • 100 Gauge
  • 2,620’/roll

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